Timeline - miss Universe - The Olympics of beauty

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A chronology of key events:

1952 the primary leave out Universe is held in lengthy seaside, California, with 30 states and areas. Armi Kuusela (Finland) becomes omit Universe.

1953 There are 26 nations competing in MU. Morocco's candidate, Colette Ribes, does not compete in the contest.

1954 the second one leave out Universe competition opens in long seaside, with 33 states and dependencies, such as Honduras, New Zealand and Singapore. Miriam Stevenson (South Carolina) turns into pass over Universe.

1955 extraordinarily Ceylon -Sri Lanka given that 1972- is 2d runner-up for pass over Universe. alternatively, Cuba sends an access, Gilda Marin, to the global occasion within the States.

1956 Welcome to California! There are 30 entries. Finland, which had received the title four years in the past, does now not take part. Carol Morris (Iowa) is elected MU.

1957 at the invitation of the leave out Universe enterprise, Joaquín Alberto Vargas y Chavez, Peru's painter, flies to California to be one of the international judges. For the first time, Martinique sends a contestant.

1958 There are 36 nations and territories competing. Corine Rottschafer, Holland's consultant, wins leave out Photogenic.

1959 Akiko Kojima (Japan) succeeds Luz Marina Zuloaga (Colombia) as miss Universe. on the other hand, pass over England will become leave out Photogenic.

1960 MU company makes a decision to transport the event from California to Miami beach (Florida).Burma -gift-day Myanmar- wins omit Congeniality.

1961 There are 46 states and territories competing-from Austria to the yankee Virgin Islands. Greece's candidate, Eleftheria Deloutsi, wins leave out Amity.

1962 There are extra than 50 republics and dependencies in miss Universe, which include Luxembourg, Haiti and Tahiti. Hawaii's Macel Wilson, leave out usa, is one of the semi-finalists.

1963 Richard Henry sellers, also called Peter dealers, is one of the judges. omit Israel, Sherine Ibrahim, wins the high-quality national dress inside the competition.

1964 Colombia's Luz Marina Zuloaga, 1958 leave out Universe, is one of the judges in Miami seaside.Manuela Stramana, Italy's contestant, will become miss Photogenic.

1965 Welcome to Florida! Fifty-seven republics and dependencies ship entries to overlook Universe in the U.S. the dominion of Thailand, a country in South East Asia location, wins miss Universe!

1966 There are fifty eight states and regions,along with four former British colonies competing as unbiased countries-Guyana, Trinidad Tobago, Singapore, and Jamaica. leave out Sweden (Margareta Arvidsson) defeats omit Finland (Satu Charlotta Ostring) in the very last.

1967 Venezuela's Mariela Perez Branguer, MU's favourite delegate, does no longer win the name. Bonaire, a Dutch territory in the Caribbean, competes at MU for the primary time.

1968 Welcome to Miami! Entries from sixty five republics and dependencies competing for the crown of miss Universe. For the 6th time, Okinawa, an American possession among 1945 and 1972, sends a contestant.

1969 New Zealand wins omit Photogenic.Argentina's Norma Nolan, who had been MU 1962, is one of the judges.

1970 There are sixty four states and areas. Marisol Malaret (Puerto Rico) Contreras is the brand new miss Universe. leave out america, Debbie Shelton, locations 2d at the worldwide occasion.

1971 Lebanon's Georgina Rizk, a version from Beirut, wins the world identify, and miss Philippines, Vida Valentina Fernández, crowns pass over Photogenic. Georgina speaks French, Italian and Arab. alternatively,Yugoslavia, a Communist nation in SE Europe, does not take part.

1972 MU is held out of doors of the Continental u.s. for the primary time with Puerto Rico the host u . s . a .. A panel of worldwide judges elects Kerry Wells, leave out Australia, as MU 1970. The judges are: Mapita Cortes (actress/PR), Earl Wilson (journalist/the usa), Kiyoshi Hara (businessman/Japan), Jean-Louis Indican (businessman/Belgium), Lynn Redgrave (actress/Britain), Sylvia Hitchcock (MU/Alabama), Arnold Scaasi (fashion designer/united states),Edilson Varela (journalist/Brazil), Line Renaud (singer/France), Kurt Jurgen (actor/Germany), Fred Williamson (actor/united states of america).

1973 Welcome to Greece, one of the global's oldest nations. Bob Barker opens the 21 st omit Universe, with 61 delegates from around the arena. Maria del Rocío Martín of Spain wins the pleasant countrywide gown.

1974 Manila, Philippines. The government declares the termination of folk Arts Theater,venue of omit Universe 1974.

1975 leave out Universe is held in El Salvador, appeared as perhaps the most a hit of the contemporary technology. Micronesia, an American territory in Oceania, makes its worldwide debut.

1976 world-well-known filmmaker Roman Polanski arrives in Hong Kong to be one of the global judges. Liberia -the second one black republic within the current records- competes at MU for the first time.

1977 eighty countries and dependencies in MU in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, by means of a long way the most nations ever to take part. New nations/regions in leave out Universe: Saint Lucia (Caribbean), French Guiana (South the united states) and Saint Kitts (Caribbean).

1978 pass over Universe in Acapulco, Mexico. consistent with El Sol (Mexico's newspaper), there are 12 favorites: Dorik Jellinek (Israel), Guillermina Ruiz (Spain), Alva Margarita (Mexico), Olga Zumaran (Peru), Maribel Fernández (Costa Rica), Iris Yvette Mazorra (El Salvador), Elizabeth Ann Jones (Wales), Solange Castro (Curacao), Judy Andersen (Hawaii), Margaret Gardinier (South Africa) and Lesotho (Joan Libuseng Khoali).

1979 on the invitation of the MUO, Julio Iglesias flies to Perth (Australia) to be one of the worldwide judges. Venezuela's Maritza Sayalero, who has Spanish foundation, wins the name. Belize, a former united kingdom dependency in relevant the united states, qualifies for the semi-finals.

1980 The MUO holds its 28 th worldwide event in Seoul, Korea. Semi-finalists in 1980 are Scotland, Sweden, PR, NZ (MU's favorite), Panama, SK, Canada, Tahiti, Colombia, usa (winner), Philippines, and Iceland.

1981 Lucia Isabel Vinueza -she seems lots like "Madonna"- is Ecuador's first contestant to make the semi-finals in leave out Universe in big apple town, united states. She is an American-knowledgeable female.

1982 Cuzco, Peru. in the summer time,Irene Saez, leave out Universe 1981, accompanied by Gladys Silva, leave out Peru 1981, travels to Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the sector.

1983 Switzerland's Lolita Morena, miss world 1982 's preferred candidate, is third runner-up for MU 1983. Abbey Scattrel Janneth of Gambia turns into pass over Congeniality.

1984 eighty-one republics and territories in Miami, Florida. but, four countries don´t compete- the Bahamas, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Transkei. For the second time, Guatemala, Julieta Urrutia, qualifies for the competition.

1985 leave out El Salvador, Julia Haydee Mora, is one of the favorites to win the MU name in Miami, Florida. but, ES, a struggle-torn us of a in critical the usa, does now not qualify for the first spherical. meanwhile, omit u.s. & leave out Texas, Laura Herring-Martinez, is one of the 10 semi-finalists. Laura, who was born in Mexico, studied in Switzerland. in contrast to america and ES, Dominica, an English-speakme island inside the Caribbean, competes at MU for the first time.

1986 Welcome to Panama! miss usa & miss Texas, Christy Fichtner,is first runner-up for leave out Universe. Zaire (gift-day the Democratic Republic of the Congo) qualifies for the semi-finals.

1987 omit Universe is held at the Singapore world trade middle.Semi-finalists in 1987 are Italy, PR, Philippines, Venezuela, Peru, america, Singapore, Sweden, Turks Caicos, and Chile (winner). pass over u.s.a. & leave out Texas, Michelle Royer, is 2nd runner-up. curiously Colombia -omit Photogenic- and Uruguay -1 st runner-up to miss South america'87- don`t qualify for the second one round.

1988 Thailand's Portip Nakhirunkanok, who studied at Pasadena metropolis college, wins omit Universe. For the second time, Greenland, a Danish territory in the Arctic, sends a delegate. leave out usa & leave out Texas, Courtney Ann Gibbs, is one of the semi-finalists.

1989 leave out america & miss Texas, Gretchen Polhemus, is 0.33 runner-up for MU. Sharon Simons, leave out Turks & Caicos, becomes leave out Congeniality on the thirty seventh miss Universe in Cancun, Mexico.

1990 miss Thailand, Passaroporn Chaimongkol, wins leave out Photogenic , however she does no longer qualify for the semi-finals on the MU in la, California.

1991 Romania´s Nadia Comaneci, one of the international's best athletes of all time, is one of the judges in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the 0.33 time, Yugoslavia -Serbia within the 21 st century- qualifies for the contest.Bulgaria makes its international debut

1992 Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand. Semi-finalists in 1992 are Australia, Sweden, India, Netherlands, NZ, u.s., Colombia, Namibia (winner), Venezuela, and Belgium.

1993 Brazil's representative, Leila Cristine Schuster, is compared to Jacqueline Onassis-Kennedy, who became First lady of the usa (1961-1963). For the primary time, the dominion of Swaziland sends a country wide delegate.

1994 India becomes dominant strength in MU. Semi-finalists in 1994 are: India (winner), Venezuela, Greece, Switzerland, united states, Italy, Sweden, Slovak, Philippines, and Colombia. Zimbabwe -a name taken from the stone ruins inside the southern a part of the state- makes its global debut. Namibia -ex South-West Africa- is the favorite to host the 1995 pass over Universe.

1995 Welcome to Windhoek, Namibia (Africa).the best wide variety of countries in MU records: eighty two republics and territories, including 8 African international locations-Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria (leave out Amity), Seychelles, South Africa (semi-finalist) and Zambia.

1996 Las Vegas, Nevada.Aruba is runner-up for omit Universe.omit Philippines, Aileen Leng Marfori Damiles, wins miss Photogenic. Japan and Gibraltar, a British territory at the Iberian Peninsula, don`t compete.

1997 Semi-finalists in 1997 are: India, Venezuela, PR, TT, united states/Hawaii (winner), Italy, Sweden, Curacao, Panama & Estonia. Croatia -on June 25, 1991, it declared independence from Yugoslavia- makes its global debut.

1998 80-one states and regions in Honolulu (Hawaii), which includes Angola, Guam, and the Northern Marianas.omit Slovak Republic, Vladimira Hrenovcilova, will become miss Photogenic.

1999 america's boxer Evander Holyfield, four-time heavyweight champion, arrives in Trinidad Tobago. he's elected as one of the judges...

2000 Cyprus, birthplace of Aphrodite, hosts the Millennium omit Universe festival. Delegate from host-u . s . a . Cyprus, Christi Groutidou, does not qualify for the semi-finals. Chile's actor,Christian de los angeles Fuente, is one of the judges. alternatively, Hong Kong -the previous British colony managed via China given that 1997-competes at MU.

2001 Welcome to Puerto Rico! For unknown motives, eight states and territories do not compete-Barbados, Britain, prepare dinner, Denmark, Guam, Hong Kong, Mozambique, and the people`s Republic of China.

2002 Albania -a former Maoist kingdom in SE Europe- makes its global debut! Venezuelan-born Natasha Vanessa Borger, Germany's consultant, is one of the 10 semi-finalists. leave out Russia, Oxana Federova, defeats omit Panama, Justine Pasek, inside the finals. On September 24, 2002, pass over Panama succeeds Federova as MU. Justine is a Ukrainian-born Panamanian fashion model.

2003 Japan's representative, Miyako Miyazaki, who is from Kumamoto,is fourth runner-up for MU. Antigua & Barbuda, a small island-nation on the Caribbean Sea, wins miss Congeniality at the omit Universe in Panama city, Panama.

2004 Semi-finalists in 2004 are: PR, Norway, Trinidad Tobago, Ecuador, India, Australia, Angola, Jamaica, Colombia, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Chile, america, Paraguay, and Mexico. Amelia Vega (MU 2003) crowns Jennifer Hawkins from Australia, pass over Universe 2004.

2005 Entries from 82 republics and dependencies compete in Thailand, consisting of four former Soviet republics competing as impartial states-Latvia (semi-finalist), Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine.

2006 Venezuelan-born Francys Mayela Barraza Sudnicka, miss Poland, one of the favorites, does not qualify for the semi-finals.She speaks five overseas languages-Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, and English.for decades she had labored as a style version in Europe. In 2003, she participated in miss Venezuela, in which changed into semi-finalist.

2007 Semi-finalists in 2007 are: Venezuela, Thailand, Denmark, Nicaragua, Angola, Slovenia, the united states, Brazil, India, Mexico, Japan (winner), Ukraine, Tanzania, South Korea, and Czech Republic.For the first time, Tanzania, Flaviana Matata, qualifies for the contest inside the United Mexican States.

2008 Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam. There are 80 nations and regions, such as 5 former Yugoslav republics-Kosovo (semi-finalist), Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. Dayana Mendoza Moncada will become the fifth Venezuelan female to be topped pass over Universe.

Alejandro Guevara Onofre: he is a freelance creator. Alejandro is of Italian, African and Peruvian ancestry. He has posted extra than seventy-5 studies paper in English, and greater than twenty in Spanish, regarding the arena problems, Olympic sports activities, nations, and tourism. His subsequent essay is called "The Dictator and Alicia Alonso". he is an expert on overseas affairs. Alejandro is the primary creator who has published a world-book encyclopedia in Latin the usa.
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