Notes on AIDS and HIV

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In 1981, scientists in america and France first acknowledged the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which was later found to be brought on by a virus referred to as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV breaks down the physique's immunity to infections resulting in AIDS. The virus can lie hidden within the physique for as much as 10 years with out producing any signs or earlier than growing into the AIDS illness, and within the meanime the particular person can unknowingly infect others. At the moment, an estimated 40 million individuals worldwide are HIV carriers, and three million a yr are dying of AIDS.

HIV lives in white blood cells and is current within the sexual fluids of people. It's tough to catch and is unfold largely by way of sexual activity, by needle or syringe sharing amongst intravenous drug customers, in blood transfusions, and through being pregnant and delivery (if the mom is contaminated). Utilizing one other particular person's razor blade or having your physique pierced or tattooed are additionally dangerous, however the HIV virus cannot be transmitted by shaking arms, kissing, cuddling, fondling, sneezing, cooking meals, or sharing consuming or consuming utensils. One cannot be contaminated by saliva, sweat, tears, urine, or feces; rest room seats, telephones, swimming swimming pools, or mosquito bites don't trigger AIDS. Ostracizing a recognized AIDS sufferer will not be solely immoral but additionally absurd.

Most blood banks now display screen their merchandise for HIV, and you'll shield your self in opposition to soiled needles by solely permitting an injection in the event you see the syringe taken out of a recent unopened pack. The only safeguard throughout intercourse is the right use of a latex condom. Unroll the condom onto the erect penis; whereas withdrawal after ejaculation, maintain onto the condom as you come out. By no means attempt to recycle a condom, and pack a provide with you, as it may be a nuisance making an attempt to purchase them on brief discover.

HIV is unfold extra usually by way of anal vaginal intercourse, as a result of the liner of the rectum is way weaker than that of the vagina, and unusual condoms generally tear when utilized in anal intercourse. If in case you have anal intercourse, solely use extra-strong condoms and particular water-based lubricants, since oil, Vaseline, and cream weak the rubber. Throughout oral intercourse you could be sure to don't get any semen or menstrual blood in your mouth. A lady runs 10 occasions the chance of contracting AIDS from a person than the opposite approach round, and the menace is all the time better when one other sexually transmitted illness (STD) is current.

The very existence of AIDS requires a fundamental change in human conduct. No vaccine or drug exists that may forestall or treatment AIDS, and since the virus mutates steadily, no treatment could by no means be utterly efficient. Different STDs corresponding to syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, and herpes are way more widespread than AIDS and might result in critical problems corresponding to infertility, however at the very least they'll often be cured.

It is best to all the time follow protected intercourse to stop AIDS and different STDs. You by no means know who's contaminated and even in the event you your self have turn into contaminated. It's essential to carry the topic up earlier than you begin to make love. Make a joke out of it by pulling out a condom and asking your new associate, "Say, are you aware what that is?" Or relying, "Your condom or mine?" Removed from being unromantic or embarrassing, you'll each really feel extra relaxed with the topic off your minds, and it's significantly better than worrying afterwards in the event you may need been contaminated. The golden rule is protected intercourse or no intercourse.

An HIV an infection will be detected by way of a blood take a look at, as a result of the antibodies created by the physique to struggle off the virus will be seen beneath a microscope. It takes at the very least three weeks for the antibodies to be produced and in some circumstances so long as six months earlier than they are often picked up throughout a screening take a look at. For those who assume you might have run a danger, you need to talk about the appropriateness of a take a look at along with your physician. It's all the time higher to know in case you are contaminated in order to have the ability to keep away from infecting others, to acquire early remedy of signs, and to make reasonable plans. If you recognize somebody with AIDS, you need to give all of them the help you may (there's no hazard in such contact except blood is current).

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