25 Details About AIDS

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AIDS is an abbreviated kind for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. It's a illness of the human immune system. That is attributable to an infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It spreads by means of unprotected intercourse with an contaminated companion, contaminated Pregnant mom not in search of medical therapy to her new child, contaminated shared needles, and contaminated blood transfusion. Listed below are few info and statistics about AIDS that most individuals ought to know of:

  1. Probably the most frequent mode of transmission is thru unprotected intercourse with an contaminated companion.
  2. The second most typical mode of transmission is thru contaminated blood transfusions.
  3. Doesn't unfold by means of: Kissing; Touching; Mosquito bites; Sharing towels; Sharing bogs and Hugging.
  4. HIV present in physique fluids like blood, saliva, semen, spinal fluid and breast milk. Nevertheless solely blood, semen and breast milk areiable to transmit an infection.
  5. There are three phases to an HIV an infection, the preliminary stage, the late stage and the later stage of a full blown AIDS.
  6. Preliminary an infection presents with flu like signs which could or won't manifest in any respect.
  7. Preliminary an infection stage is adopted by a latent asymptomatic part.
  8. A affected person in his latent part could look wholesome however the quick replicating virus is step by step weakening its immune system rendering it susceptible to repeated and extended infections.
  9. Later stage of HIV an infection is named AIDS.
  10. AIDS is likely one of the quickest rising epidemics on the earth.
  11. Is world's main infectious killer.
  12. About 25 million have died of AIDS until date.
  13. AIDS dying circumstances declined in 2012 attributable to the advances in medical subject and granting extra individuals entry to therapy.
  14. 60 million individuals dwell with HIV worldwide.
  15. three million circumstances of AIDS are beneath 15 yrs of age.
  16. Each day almost 7,000 individuals contract HIV-nearly 300 each hour.
  17. Main circumstances in low and center revenue international locations.
  18. An estimated three.34 million kids reside with HIV.
  19. Over 900 kids develop into newly contaminated with HIV every day.
  20. Mom-to-child-transmission of HIV is nearly totally avoidable.
  21. Greater than half of latest infections are amongst these underneath 25 years of age.
  22. Mixture of antiretroviral remedy slows down multiplication of virus in physique thereby delaying the method.
  23. Over eight million HIV-positive individuals had entry to ART in low- and middle-income international locations on the finish of 2011.
  24. Even in the present day there isn't any healing therapy for AIDS.
  25. Prophylactic therapy to decelerate the replication of HIV virus is obtainable that delays the illness course of.

AIDS is at all times deadly with out therapy. Therapy consists of Excessive Energetic retroviral remedy abbreviated as HAART. Antiretroviral remedy slows down the method of replication of the virus within the physique. Advantages of therapy are a delayed illness course of and diminished threat of dying.

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